Isnin, 23 Mei 2011

looks vs. quality of work

I've been liking him for quite some times. And yes, I was bought in by his look. He's handsome. Looking at his face, really makes me smile because his hair reminds me of pakcik.

Last night, he was invited as one of guest for Jangan Tidur Lagi talk show. Yeay, I'm excited. Wait for the clock to turn 11 pm is something for me since today I need to attend a training. From the talk show, I got some information about him. Graduated in mechanical engineering and automotive engineering. Yes, double bonus for him as I always crazy about engineer. And, it just like a support to a research that brilliant people always a good looking people, which includes me..hahahhaha

At the show, they're talking about his involvement in Malaysia's entertainment industry. And as usual, the issue is whether he is in industry because of his look or his talent. I do agree with the statement that his look is a big bonus for him as his act in that vampire series are just so so. But, the talk discover that he's not only an actor and model, but also involved in production. Okay, let's see how good is he.

So, after the show, I start goggling some info about him and search for his video in YouTube. And tarraaa..I found him in this series showed back in 2008, The Hoppers & Ahli Muzik. OK, him that I was referring for all this while is Gambit Saifullah

1 word for this program is UNIQUE. I like the idea sooooo much :) At first I tot he's just one of the star for this program, but no. He's also the behind the scene man. And I admit, you're brilliant for having this program. 

It's a nice program. Travelling to 9 states around West of Malaysia with buddies. Discover things that we might not discover in any other travelling program. Staying at simple hotel, eating at hawkers (which I wish you guys were confident with the HALAL status of the food) and do different activities from other normal discovery   program.

This show really makes me feels like going jalan jalan with my spek8 and do something like you did. It must be fun. And, because of this show,
  • I stayed up till 2 pm just to watch up to episode 5.
  • Woke up late this morning for training
  • Came home early to continue watching..hahhaha
It's worth to watch. Happy watching friends :)
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