Selasa, 19 Julai 2011

the end of anger

It's been 2 years..i live with a thought that he is still mad at me, for something i did not commit.

Today, because of some needs, I called him. And after 38 sec on phone, I'm thinking about being friend again. So, I texted him and ask about it.

What a release when he said he no longer mad at me and that's why he answer my phone. But, he reminds me that he is married now. Things won't be the same like what we've been before.

Yes, pakcik. I understand that you are someone's hubby and I am happy that you've found  your other half. But, to know that you are not mad at me is a BIG release. 

Let's be friend, a friend like your other friend. InsyaAllah :)

Thanks Allah..for giving back my friend :)
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