Ahad, 3 Julai 2011

thanks to technology

I miss my beloved nephew, akram so much. For his benefit and happiness, we agreed to send him to Kota Bharu since there's no one that we trust to look after him during working hours. It's kind of hard decision but we know that's the best.

Going home after work is no longer exciting as there's no one that will stand in front of my door to greet me home. The fun is gone, home become quite again :(

But, thanks to technology. With a good speed of wifi, built in webcam and skype on both sides, it seems like there's no space between Kota Bharu and Kajang. We can see akram's development everyday and he seems to be bigger and cleverer now, not to forget more manja..hhehhhe. Who' s not going to be manja if be pampered by omma, tok boh, che lah, cik ani, ayah pi, ayh ying, ayh lee all the time? That's before tok ji and tok cik da's family comes in.
abang and tok boh

tepuk amai2 along :)

ayh pi blu bla blu blaaa

my teeth is coming :)

We can do everything with current technology, except touching, hugging or kissing. At least we can see and hear lively :) Like what pakcik used to tell me..we're only physically far but always be close to heart and to the ears during the phone without video call function. 

To technology, thanks a zillion but please keep evolving so that someday if I need to be apart with my baby, I still be able to cuddle him and kiss him :)
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