Khamis, 7 Jun 2012

i love to do good things
i love being decent and nice
but it's not only about me
it reflects my parent's effort
it also reflects my upbringing
as people always say "anak sapa la tu"

showing a good model become more important nowadays
because i have my little ahmad akram
because he is a real good observer
because he learn from surrounding
because children see, children do

a simple example is when i do my toll paying. akram who sits at the front seat will look at my transaction. right after i complete my transaction and thank the toll gate girl / boy, he'll smile and says "time kasih".

and when he rides with someone else, his mum told me that he waited for the driver to thank the toll gate girl / boy. if the driver didn't thank the toll gate girl / boy, you can see curiosity on his face. being aware, my sister will normally say terima kasih, then akram will smile again :)

abang, be a good boy and make che cik always proud of you..muaahhh
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