Selasa, 4 Oktober 2011

how much you love your friend?

A friend who really loves her friend, won't be selfish and always support her friend. For everything that would benefit her friend even when thing will make herself sad.

A friend who really loves her friend, won't lie to her friend and always tell the truth no matter how bitter the truth is. This is because, she knows to live in lie is very pathetic.

A friend who really loves her friend, would always love to face joy and sadness together in this world and thereafter.

Being together. I would love to be together with all of my friend specially spek8 in heaven as I love them so much. But, when I read the Holy Quran, I realize that I might not be able to have that. This is because the muslim and non-muslim will be separated at that time and only muslim can be in heaven. And during that time, there's nothing that I can do to make her together with us.

I keep thinking about this matter and I become so sad as I love my that non-muslim friend so much. She's the most kind person among us. She helped a lot of people even when she's not in good condition herself. If she's a muslim, I think she'll be easily go to heaven because of her kindness.

I cried so many time when this thing cross my mind. Then I asked myself. Would cry solve this problem? NO. I need to act. I need to tell her the beauty of Islam and guide her to Islam. I need to pray for her hidayah as we can't force anyone to be a muslim. I think I need to do that. But, I am too afraid that she'll be mad and I'll loss her as a friend. Am I being selfish? Do I love her good enough?

psst: babe, if u read this, please don't get mad. I love you so much and I always want to be with you. forever. T_T
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