Jumaat, 21 November 2008

bulan2 terakhir 2008

banyak sangt menda yang jd dlm bulan2 terakhir 2008..kira 4th quarter yg bercampur baur..start with december..i got d master degree offer..yeszaa..menda yg dah lama sangat d idam2kn..my 1st resolution 4 2008..checked..~sigh~ 

november..i'll be 23 in dis month..dis year..it is on thursday..so nice if can recite d yassin with my friends..so planning for a kesyukuran..before mine...its jen birthday..we went for jog (although its like walk around only..hahhaha)..den..lets get jen a birthday cake..i felt down at escalator..dunno y i can terpeleot..its damn hurt me.. den its my birthday..a nite before..i went out wif him 2 get some groce for d majlis..d menu of d day..cabonara spegheti, mushroom soup, pineapple puding and sarsi drink..i'm so excited for this majlis..s i really want to recite yassin with people who i care a lot..but..only a few turn up..because of vary reason..including him..he don't even wish me happy birthday :( 

d next day is pini's birthday..spek8 would like to gather for makan2..i joined in although i got a killer assignment n test to attend d next day..when i asked him for his car, he promised me to fetch me..he wished me happy birthday finally..his reason..he forgot dat yesterday was 13th..ok la..finally he wished and join me for makan2..

d suprise is, my family arrived KL at 7..so we have 2 kids 2 take care of..adoii..sangat pening..luckily kids like him so much..its a worth while happy moment..s after dat day..we keep on arguing..ouchh..at least my wish 2 celebrate d birthday wif my love one was fulfilled..check.. 

 i'm having swingy moody days..really kick me off..aiyaa..i made up my mind..i would like to move on..a very hard decision 2 made..thnx everyone who showed up during my hard moment..really appreciate it.. 

 it's true..when u lost something dat u love d most, God give u something better..i might lose him, but i get d thing i really want..dat job..yes..check again.. :) really happy to have dis job..a job dat i really want and he knew it very well..s he d 1 who really help me to get dis job..do this n dat 2 make sure i feel supported..thnx ya.. 

 out of 4..i did achieved 3 of my 2008 resolutions..d only 1 left is..i want 2 meet my saulmate..but i donno where are you hiding..show up please.. 

bisik2..:arap maaf..BI di sini sangat kelam kabut..hhahaha
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