Selasa, 2 Disember 2008

grown up vs management

finally..i have tym 2 coret here..after few bz days..bzing myself with my assignment and office task..hihihih it was sunday when i realized i missed place my pencil upset as there is someting i treasure inside..thing become worst when i realize that i put the class money inside it 2..alamak..double trouble..its RM 250..uhuxx when i tell pakcik bout dis..he start to nag..aiyaa..bcoz he knows how careless i am..his word.. bit, you are big enough now..please manage ur money well adoiii..ok22..i'll be responsible for dis..after few hours..pakcik arrived my house..nag for a while before he hand me some money..we fought as i dun want 2 take d money..he said.. you won't b able to survive with d amount dat u have in ur pocket..just take it.. aiyooo..pakcik..u asked me to manage my money..u want me 2 b wiser in or lending me money won't educate me be wise..u're spoiling me.. am i a bad spent??dun think so..hahahhai pay all d things dat i have 2 first before i spend what..hihihi
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